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We live on a planet in constant motion. At the same time, we are continually bombarded and moved by cosmic energy and forces. Yet we perceive stillness.  Motion is only observed through agency and action. Our limitations of perception enable us to exist as we do in this complex configuration of reality while simultaneously binding us within its structure. And so, it goes with all the patterns and structures we create. It is the filtering of my sensory and intellectual input that maintains and expands my identity. My drawings are meditations.  I create them to symbolically  filter my  experiences. Each drawing becomes a specific matrix/mantra personally necessary to reveal, comprehend and safely exist within each experience and phenomena.

This complexity of phenomena: active, passive and associative are constructs of the unique time and place I live in. As such they engage with, and against, my own desires; personal, domestic, civic and worldly.  My work chronicles a visual memoir of this personal struggle, while simultaneously making possible the tenuous balance I defy in each moment of consciousness.


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