For the past fifteen years I have drawn as a meditative practice. Having studied many world religions in college I naturally gravitated to Taoist and Buddhist contemplations. Begun first as I struggled with infertility and then as I experienced new motherhood in my late thirties and with the changing dynamics of being a wife and a stay at home mother, my drawings offered me peace and perspective. Like carapaces built and shed they told stories of small truths. The forms and organisms created in my early drawings explored the variety and lexicon of my experiences. 

The drawings in this current series utilize the symbolic vocabulary I have created to address the issues of nature, justice, women, reproduction and cultural decolonization. The work is intimate as I focus on the microcosm and small details. I am a believer in the importance of small things.

Parables and Sutras

As a species we are driven to reproduce. This reproduction is facilitated through biology, science, culture and force. As a woman and a mother in the 21st century I reflect on how my life story is ruled by this imperative. Complementary to this desire to reproduce biologically is the desire to replicate one’s ways of thinking. The population of ideologies is an alternative and sometimes more effective way of reproduction. My current body of work represents meditations on the personal, scientific and political demonstrations of this reproductive imperative. 

My drawings are informed by my fascination with microorganisms and biological systems, but are unique reflections of subconscious patterns.  Whereas most of my early work begins in graphite I have recently added gold ink to this series. Gold is obvious as a symbol of power, dominance, corruption and desire.  I do not know why as an element it has been chosen to feed, propel and give value to our desires. It may be as primal as its semblance to the sun or its value as an uncorruptible element. I also have introduced the colors pink and blue in my current work. Though basely interpreted as gendered colors I identify with them as symbols of vulnerability, life and beatitude. As an artist I am a believer in transformation. My art is in practice the way for me to envision and create a world of truth, beauty and love, even and especially, when the culture we live in is fraught with pain and corruption.