I begin with a meditation on the most present struggle I am engaged in. My process is intuitive, but rooted in the discipline of drawing. My visual vocabulary is informed by my observations of nature’s micro and macroscopic forms and phenomena.  I work with graphite because I love its versatility and its simplicity. I then allow myself to focus on the moment of a small circle or line or shape.   I focus on tiny shapes because I am viscerally aware of the miniscule. I believe that the addition of the miniscule formulate the inevitable structure in a building process similar to DNA.For me, every mark represents an acceptable evolution.  I do not edit or consciously plan my drawings and the drawings grow from the center out like the building of a mollusk shell. I follow the small shapes until they assert themselves into a pattern and my body becomes the medium through which the truth of the drawing evolves. 

18 years; the everlasting gobstopperStill Life- Memories of ConquestsShedding ArmorThe delusions of opulence in the flightless fowlOh I just wanted to be beautifulVirusOverwhelmed by a circleIf flying were only that easyThere are several versions of the truthMommy Brain or Butterflies