On Micro Drawings


These drawings represent spontaneous visual meditations. My visual vocabulary comes from nature as I am fascinated by the microcosm and macrocosm we are all a part of.
The drawings are not planned or sketched or erased. I simply allow my subconscious to unfold it’s struggle in the simple repetition of miniscule lines and shapes. The image that coalesces is always guided by an immediate concern  and resolves itself in a beautiful order beyond me. 

This stream of consciousness process is also guided by my general philosophy of living. I do not believe we can know or can predict the future. This thought can be terrifying given all the unknowns.  What I do believe is that if in the moment we do what is true to us and we continue all our subsequent moments with this truthful intention  then our life will take the shape it is meant to.  I also do not like to deal in regrets, hence that lack of erasing. There are other drawings that I do edit and erase and rework, but these specific ones are about fearless creation. Each choice, each mark must be accepted and integrated.  I accept that every choice I make in the moment is meant to be made and I put my faith in the process and time. My understanding is not always the most important goal, though it is often a reward.