What if we could allow our sub-conscious to map out the structure of a personal experience and that map looked like an exoskeleton or an organism? As a woman I have struggled with the evolution of my identity into motherhood.  What if my struggle became corporeal as an organism?  When scientists examine the structure and contour of an organism they can hypothesize about its nature or habitat. They may even look at the evidence and piece together how the creature survived.
As artists we express our perceptions and visions of the world through a concrete medium.  In my work,my expression is a corporeal rendering of my subconscious translation.  My drawings are like a series of shells or molted remains which give evidence of an evolution or transformation. As such they are always truthful in their verisimilitude. 

When balanceing on the edge, there is safety in a patternBetween yours and mineWhen contemplating the multiplicity of natureWall flowerCotton FlowerFallacies, Phalluses: a variation on a patternThe things we leave behindThe Field of my desiresGood things can propagate tooGravity