Sutra: thread, truth, meditation

This series differs greatly from my smaller 12x12" Meditations in both proccess and material. These images are created on a 30"x 30" clayboard and take at least three or more months to complete. 
Unlike the small Meditation series each image in this series begins with a specific intention, and so their titles precede the image, whereas in my smaller Meditations the title or truth was something only to be discovered  as the image was evolving. 
The first stage is laying down the ink. After the ink is set in a way that is true to my intention, I search for the whole and the pattern in the ink, like reading tea leaves. Using a graphite .3 hb mechanical pencil I draw the larger shapes and then work in a western classical manner from general to specific. Finally I scratch out or sgraffito with a knife the white lines, and fill in if needed the dense forms. 

These images are meant to be viewed both as the residue of my intended meditation and as images to be used for meditations.
because you never truly left the womb of the universeHeart SutraOpen sutraAcceptance, SurrenderBuilding RelationshipsDetail - Relationship Building